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Mason Lee

CLI And The .NET 2.0 Platform (Expert's Voice In .NET) Download [BEST].18

I dont know why I am continuing to write another para, but I will tell you one more thing. Some time back there was this question posted by a guy who was not experienced with .net forms coding, and also didnt have a good grasp of english, he asked something related to adjusting height/width of a Panel control. On first read I didnt get what he was asking, on the second and third read, i thought I understood what he asked, so I opened up visual studio, implemented the solution to understand if what i was thinking was right, and at the end i was 100% sure (you want me to say a million % sure? cuz I can say that too) what he asked and what I needed to tell him to solve his problem. Now I go back to SO question, seems like 7 or so people have spent no moment to mark it as confusing or several other things that I dont remember. Basically in my mind i see this as this guy had done some SO blasphemy and according to the prophets of SO he should have been kicked out of Earth, and so they did that. I was so damn disappointed as this was just-another-time for me to not be able to focus on technology but stupid useless human intervention on this site. I had not idea where I could say anything at all to who so that I could answer this, I reported it to one person somewhere (i cant remember which forum was it, was it somewhere on meta or what), that person who I asked for help said if so many people have marked it as such it is what it is and cant be changed.

CLI and the .NET 2.0 Platform (Expert's Voice in .NET) download.18


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