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Forensic Analytics Mark Nigrini Pdf Download BETTER

The new edition includes over two hundred figures. Each chapter, where applicable, includes one or more cases showing how the tests under discussion could have detected the fraud or anomalies. The new edition also includes two chapters each describing multi-million-dollar fraud schemes and the insights that can be learned from those examples. These interesting real-world examples help to make the text accessible and understandable for accounting professionals and accounting students without rigorous backgrounds in mathematics and statistics. Emphasizing practical applications, the new edition shows how to use either Excel or Access to run these analytics tests. The book also has some coverage on using Minitab, IDEA, R, and Tableau to run forensic-focused tests. The use of SAS and Power BI rounds out the software coverage. The software screenshots use the latest versions of the software available at the time of writing. This authoritative book:

forensic analytics mark nigrini pdf download

Forensic analytics is the use of electronic data to reconstruct or detect financial fraud. The process of forensic analytics is made up of data collection and preparation, data analysis, and the preparation of a fraud report and the possible presentation of the results.

The companion website ( has all the data tables used in the book, available for download. Along with notes and updates related to the book, the website also includes end-of-chapter problems and assignments for use by instructors, together with PowerPoint slides for presentations.


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