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[S2E8] The Book Of Destiny ##TOP##

  • Buffy Speak: Ezran calls Rayla's wrist bindings "assassiny-ribbony things."

  • The Corrupter: In his dream, Callum gets confronted by an Evil Twin who tries to persuade him to use Black Magic.

  • Explain, Explain... Oh, Crap!: When Corvus finds the group and says that he has come to serve "King Ezran," Ezran explains that he is just a prince, and his dad Harrow is the king, before realizing that Corvus really meant that Harrow was dead.

  • Getting the Boot: Claudia gets tossed from the hospital after she has a freakout.

  • If You Can Read This: When Viren is trying to read up on Aaravos and all the books blur out as he reads them, it's possible to read a few facts from freeze frames - establishing, among other things, that Aaravos wanted to give magic to humans.

  • Internal Retcon: When Viren tries to find information on an elf named Aaravos, he finds that there's almost nothing on him. When he does find something, the passage immediately disappears.

  • Internal Reveal: Corvus is unwittingly the one to break the news of Harrow's death to Ezran when he shows up vowing to protect the king of Katolis. Ezran learns that Callum knew for a while.

  • Soren tells Claudia that their father ordered him to kill the princes.

  • Loud Gulp: Corvus does this before becoming a Bearer of Bad News and telling the group that Ezran has been eaten by a banther.

  • My God, You Are Serious!: When paraplegic Soren announces that he wants to become a poet, his sister starts laughing until she realizes that he is serious about it.

  • Never Say "Die": Lampshaded with Rayla trying to talk with Ezran about Harrow's death. Ezran is in no mood for sugar-coating and immediately calls her out on this.Ezran: He didn't fall, Rayla! He didn't trip and land on the ground, he got killed!

  • Real Dreams are Weirder: There are parts of Callum's dream that are just plain weird, like Callum becoming a sail or Harrow mysteriously disappearing, to emphasize that even though it's a mystical journey, it's still a dream.

  • Scary Librarian: In the royal library, Viren gets shushed by a librarian.

  • Screw Destiny: Callum's mirror says that since Callum has a natural talent for magic and the only magic humans can perform is dark, then he must become a dark mage whether he wants to or not, while Harrow urges him to be free. Callum struggles a bit but ultimately takes Harrow's side, deciding "I get to choose who I want to be!"

  • Survival Mantra: Claudia calms herself down with the mantra "There is no synonym for cinnamon."

  • Title Drop: A variation. Callum drops the tagline of the show when he tells his mirror that "Destiny is a book you write yourself."

  • Will Not Tell a Lie: Or so Aaravos claims. Viren is suspicious of him but ends up going along with him (perhaps he thinks Villains Never Lie?)Aaravos: I'm not lying. I never lie.

  • Vision Quest: While Callum is knocked out from using dark magic, he goes through a variety of subconscious trials. This includes playing with the temptation for dark magic, facing a mirror of himself, working with Villads to understand the wind, and speaking to Harrow again.

  • You Can't Fight Fate: What Callum's mirror attempts to argue, that Callum's "destiny is already written" and so he must become a dark mage. Callum firmly rejects this path.

[S2E8] The Book of Destiny

"Everyone is a friend to all people. Where others [the elves, I think] look down on us, call us inferior, he sees great potential in us. When we accept the gifts Aaravos has promised us, they must pay for their conceit (vanity); they will be forced to see us as equals. And when we are equals, we take our destiny into real hardships to build our future."

Natalie: So the thing that Nicky put Mia on the back burner to handle was a pizza box full of notebooks, the research that was being chased in the Nicky/Henry/Evan side of the episode, what you might call the A plot. The part pertaining to the ongoing Russell Tan saga. And it starts out with our friend Nadia flagging to Evan that DA Kim Hughes was leaving work unexpectedly and needed a tail. First question. Does Evan spend all day lurking in the parking lot of the building?

Natalie: But ultimately they get into a stalemate where Head Goon has Fitz and Nicky is going to drop the book in the convenient open fire. NO FIRES IN A LIBRARY. NO FIRES IN A PUBLIC BUILDING, TBH.

With the main Grishaverse trilogy out of the way, there are around four more books of content left for this series to attempt to work through. The series has deviated from the books in many large and small ways, but there's still a lot of great material on the page. Fans can't know whether they'll get to enjoy the rest of those stories on the screen, but they can rest easy knowing they got two great seasons of TV out of the deal. Shadow and Bone isn't perfect, but it's a solid YA fantasy story for anyone with a love of magic powers, old-timey heists, or adolescent love triangles.

DISCLAIMER: due to the very intricate nature of this game, where every choice you make sets into motion a complicated series of consequences, there are many possible game routes and scene combinations. As a result, the walkthroughs on this wiki might not be exactly identical to your game experience. If you experience something that is not covered in our walkthroughs, please leave a comment so we can update the page and add an extra possible route to our wiki.Also please note: The descriptions of the scenes included in these walkthroughs might be paraphrases of what happens, so please don't take them as word by word copies of what is said in the book.Do you have more questions or comments? Come and join us on the Reddit fan community!

This episode was a lot about accepting who you really are and what other people really are. Wil goes into the Ellcrys, sees Amberle, and must come to peace with both his father and her. Allanon has to accept that his time may be drawing to an end and that Mareth is his daughter. Mareth must accept her destiny. Eretria has not choice but to accept her dark side. Bandon must accept that Catania never loved him and that the Warlock Lord believes in tough love. Tamlin must accept her fate and General Riga must accept that he wasn't really the big bad of this story.

Meanwhile, in Avonlea, we finally see that nobody likes Mr. Phillips at all. We've seen that he has no interest in teaching or his students at all. He's not even that nice to Prissy - he was completely full of himself and snapping her after making her help him during the Christmas pantomine rehearsals. But now that he's gotten a job offer from a relative to work in Toronto at the stock exchange, he presents a proposal of marriage to Mr. Andrews to marry his daughter. Prissy is delighted at first, and the idea of a wedding seems to get everyone excited. The girls talk about their trousseaux - Josie tries to put Anne down by saying that birth mothers start compiling them when a girl is born, but Ruby adds that hers was burned up along with her house and that they'll all help Anne with hers. But Anne is disappointed that a trousseau is meant to be filled with things as wife will need ("pretty things" like embroidered linens and undergarments) instead of books or aspirations of a girl's future.

A cartoonist with an immature perspective, Garmelie produced many juvenile caricatures in his sketchbook. When Syngorn phased from the Material Plane into the Feywild after the Chroma Conclave attacked Tal'Dorei, Garmelie suddenly found himself with a city full of new subjects for his unique brand of art.[18]

On the rooftop, Kendra and Cisco talk. She says now she knows why she generally felt unique. He offers to support her, however she needs to discover reality alone. She is prepared to accept her destiny.

Originally created by Polish author Andrzej Sapkowski, the Witcher book series has also spawned a number of acclaimed video games, and more recently, a hit Netflix TV series starring Henry Cavill.

With all these fantastic characters in a rich fantasy-world, it stands to reason there are also plenty of memorable lines. Indeed, The Witcher often features profound quotes about love, destiny, good and evil.

As they travel to a facility located under Lake Laogai, hoping to find Appa, Zuko finds him before Aang does with the help of the Blue Spirit. Iroh explains to Zuko about the destiny he is trying to choose. Iroh also berates Zuko for not thinking about his plans. Zuko then lets Appa go to Aang and gives up his Blue Spirit disguise.

While sitting over a chess board in his room with Rolo, Lelouch calls Diethard and gets word that Sayoko is finished making preparations for something. Lelouch quickly commends him for this, and after he hangs up, Rolo goes over their "shared destiny": if Lelouch gets caught, the school would be destroyed and Zero will be no more, and if Rolo gets caught, the school would still be destroyed and V.V. would kill him; Rolo then says his motivation is having something to protect. Just then, Villetta comes into the room and nervously asks what Lelouch called him in for. To this Lelouch asks if she misses Ohgi. In Dallas, Nina is working on some science project with three others when Kanon and Schneizel also walk in, having just returned from peace negotiation meetings with France and the rest of the European Union, likely involving the affair with Akito Hyuga. Nina suggests that he continue pressing on with that, but Schneizel says they shouldn't because that would invite defeat, and that they should wait it out before trampling over the EU. The three then begin riding in a horse carriage, where Nina says that her tests are going decent but not good enough. In a flashback, it is revealed that, by the next morning on the day of the Black Rebellion, after Suzaku had already defeated Zero, Nina was finally provoked to trigger the Ganymede bomb, but it failed to detonate; this gave Cecile time to take the sakuradite and incarcerate her while Milly tried to offer support, and Schneizel promptly bailed her out so that she could work with his scientists on a working version of her bomb. In the present, Schneizel says that he has faith in her because she has faith in Euphemia, as he does, implying that he keeps her stable by constantly mentioning her name. 041b061a72


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