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Grayson Green

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The government has sanctioned Rs 70 lakhs for the program in the first phase. The project, a first of its kind in the country, is envisaged by the LDF government to encourage people from the marginalised community to aspire to crack civil service examinations. The program was launched on June 30.

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The LDF government has continuously focussed on the improvement of the tribal community, constituting around 1.43% of the state population. Special focus is also given to the particularly vulnerable tribal groups (PVTG), who constitute around 6.17% of the tribal population.

Looks great but I worry about such an angular shape, which must mean higher possibility of the screen getting cracked when dropped due to the concentrated pressure at the corner when it meets the ground.

But even 6.17mm vs 4.8mm are inaccurate diagonal measurements. So it's best to find the real sensor dimensions and do the right triangle calculations to get the actual diagonal--metric, inch, fraction of a mile.


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