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The Thing About Pam S01e05

As a result, Leah Askey practically begs Pam to stay away from her as her opponent running for DA has launched his campaign. Once again, Judy Greer can flip from being entirely confident and comfortable in her actions to questioning everything she does.

The Thing About Pam s01e05

The latest episode of the Dateline-inspired drama aired on April 5, 2022. On a curve of improvement, this episode was also better than most episodes from the first half of the show, especially with Zellweger excellently portraying the falling Pam Hupp and her desperate measures and reactions to the things around her.

NBC has offered a first look at The Thing About Pam. While the series is a drama, there is something slightly comical about the number of times Zellweger, as Pam, slurps from the straw in the empty giant cup.

The episode was inspired by a deleted scene from the first episode where Michael talks about a pick-up basketball game. For two days, the cast of The Office played actual basketball games, which were then spliced together to give the effect of one continuous game. In addition, several lines from the episode became fans and cast favorites. "Basketball" was viewed by an estimated 5.0 million viewers and received a 2.4/6% rating share among adults between the ages of 18 and 49. The episode received positive reviews from critics.

The inspiration for the episode was a deleted scene from the pilot episode where Michael talks about a pick-up basketball game.[2] During filming, the cast and crew were filmed playing real basketball games for two days.[3] The takes were then spliced together to make it appear as if only one game had taken place.[3] NBC was worried about the episode because several of their other pilots had done basketball episodes.[2] The network put a lot of pressure on the cast and crew to make the episode appear "as realistic as it could be".[2] Donald Lee Harris designed the warehouse set, which Krasinski described as "amazing" and "detailed".[4]

God, those poor daughters. That scene at the restaurant, with Pam and the money...if I were that daughter it'd be all I could do to keep from punching her. I love how she handled it, though - that whole thing of matching her handwriting on the receipt to the letter was fantastic. As was the shredding of that document requesting destruction of evidence. Gotta take the small victories where you can find them.

One thing I noted is the opposing candidate up against Askey in the next DA election used the unfair case against Russ as a reason not to vote for Askey. I tried to find out if those commercials actually aired, I do hope they did. Askey deserved to be ruined for what she did to Russ.

I truly can't remember the details of the Dateline episode or episodes I watched which is why I so want to do a re watch. I have to believe the squirrel incident and her threatening treatment of the women at the fitness center are real. If the next door neighbor told others about the squirrel they would understandably be frightened. I sure for heck would not want to be her enemy, look what she did to friends and family.

I can't understand how her husband stayed with her, and am not sure I believe he didn't know about at least some of her actions. What a spineless worm. If they do have an update I would love to hear him stumble around trying to explain how he missed everything and seemed to condone her stealing from the girls. Even if he had no idea about her being a murderer he had to have known keeping the money was wrong. Was he frightened of her or did he just enjoy benefiting off of her being a sociopath?

I loved the expressions on everyone's faces in the court while Pam just rambled on about people "bugging" her, especially her very stressed out lawyer. It really sucks that there isn't more that the daughters can do right now to get the money back, I feel so bad for them. No wonder heading to California sounds so good.

I am really enjoying getting to watch the whole town turn on Pam, even her family is getting tired of her. Her son seems like a real lump, being the kid she dislikes the most has probably been for the best for Sara, who seems like a pretty well adjusted normal person, at least as much is possible when Pam is your mother. Everyone treating her like she's carrying the plague is pretty great, even if she is getting away with her crimes and getting her big payday (for now) its clear that everyone in town wants nothing to do with her. I'm glad that her neighbor caught onto her now before its too late like poor Betsy, but evil cant be easily hid from. Hopefully she changes the locks or goes to stay with an out of town friend or relative before Pam strikes again.

The insurance case drives me crazy. However, I understand why the Judge ruled in her favor. Pam didn't technically do anything wrong. Is it absolutely wrong and disgusting to keep the money? Yes of course, but Betsy signed over that policy to Pam and didn't leave anything saying Pam had to give the money to the daughters. Of course a good person would do the right thing but we're talking about Pam.

Exactly, it was in her rights because there was no contract, nothing in writing. Everyone knew Betsy didn't intend to give her life's saving to Pam but legally she was fine. Morally she was dead wrong. It's just amazing how outraged she was at being questioned for doing so, she really couldn't seem to believe they were trying to hold her accountable. And then to be upset because people turned on her? What a fascinating character! And again, how did her husband back her up? He had to have known it was morally wrong. What a spineless piece of crap!

I don't think the judge was on Pam's side. If anything, the judge asking the girls' lawyer during closing arguments to please provide evidence indicated to me he was not on Pam's side. It's the plaintiff's duty to prove their claim. The judge seemed objective and did his job; unfortunately, there did not appear to be any evidence that Betsy wanted the girls to get the insurance money.

I would love to know what the husband thought. Obviously Pam is a psycho and thinks nothing of keeping money that should go to the daughters of the woman she killed. But her husband, irl did he ever question Pam as to why she'd keep the money. Spineless piece of crap is a great description.

They've alluded to the daughters' money and behavior problems in two episodes. I think the show chose not to go into it any more than that out of respect for the daughters' feelings. Betsy believed Pam would do the right thing.

If she repeats a thing enough times and uses her svengali look people just fall into line and let her get away with things. She is determined and most folks just don't want to deal with her and let her do or say what she wants. That was her move, and fortunately it didn't work with that attorney and judge on the witness stand.

I was a little confused by this episode. What happened in Florida? Pam digs up money, blow drys it, moves. Where did this money come from? Then they showed her with stacks of cash, stuffing it into a bag or something. Was that money from Betsy or her Mom? Hope they eventually explain all this.

I am very confused about the cash Pam is always ironing or blowing dry. Where did it come from? Why is she blowing it dry and ironing? Was it wet? Why? Why does her husband just watch her doing this without any questions? I think I've missed something.

Same. There was a mention of a woman who had just died, and Pam was very eager to leave Florida immediately, so there is the insinuation that Pam had something to do with her death and wanted to get the hell out of dodge. Oh - and the beginning scene of Pam getting rid of something in a trash bag in the swamp. 041b061a72


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