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Buy Handheld Vacuum NEW!

This sleek vac excels when cleaning on max power mode, giving you just shy of 10 minutes of powerful suction. We found it was particularly strong at tackling spills like crumbs too, but dust clogged its filter. Both the filter and the vacuum were easy to clean overall though, as a cleaning tool is provided and the filter is washable.

buy handheld vacuum

The experts at CBS Essentials have found the best handheld vacuums of 2023. These handheld vacuums offer a strong cleaning performance. These small cleaning appliances can tackle pet hair, and they're compact enough to fit in your car and serve as your car vacuum or crevice tool. These handheld vacs offer powerful suction for removing dirt and debris in tight spaces.

There are some things you should know before you buy a handheld vacuum. These small cleaning devices work great inside closets, cars, on tabletops, in hard-to-reach corners and under furniture. But not all handheld vacuums are made equally. Some of these small vacs are more lightweight, some offer more suction features and some offer more attachments.

Before you buy a handheld vacuum, you should know your vacuum needs. If you have a pet, you might want to find a handheld vac that's powerful enough to suck up pet hair and cat litter. If you're easily grossed out, you should select a vacuum that includes a no-touch dustbin disposal (of which we have found many). Consider your budget -- most handheld vacuums with all the latest features and function are around the $100 mark. If you're looking for a wallet-friendly hand vac, we've found a bunch on sale now, below.

The experts at CBS Essentials have found the best handheld vacuum options on the internet. These handheld vacuums are all rated at least four stars or higher and include tons of positive reviews from customers like you.

This 4.2-star-rated Shark handheld vac is designed for powerful suction and features a motor with a long-lasting life. The Shark Ultra Cyclone Pet Pro weighs just 2.8 pounds. It features an extra-large dust cup and comes equipped with a detachable motorized pet brush to suction pet hair.

Walmart customers love this 4.3-star-rated Black + Decker handheld vac. "This is the best dust buster we've had so far. It has two power settings, very powerful and picks up everything! Love the longer nozzle so you can get into every nook and cranny," wrote a reviewer.

At just 2.2 pounds, this handheld vacuum is extremely lightweight, making it a great choice for people who can't do heavy lifting. "It's small and powerful. I use it for the interior of my vehicle," wrote a Walmart customer. "Very convenient with the plug-in electric charging and gets the vehicle looking brand new in no time!"

"I wanted a handheld for floor crumbs. We have a baby that is learning how to eat. I also have a husband who sits on the couch and makes more crumbs than the baby," wrote an Amazon customer about this 4.8-star-rated vacuum.

This small handheld vacuum cleaner is equipped with brushless motor. It features two powerful suction modes, an HD LED display, a large capacity battery and fast-charging tech. This handheld cleaner can work continuously for 26 minutes with the standard suction and 11 minutes with max suction when fully charged.

Cordless vacuums, as the name suggests, rely on a battery for power instead of plugging into the wall. Typically, they charge via a dock or plug-in system. Many include the same attachments as their corded cousins, such as a crevice tool and dust brush, and some include even more.

Additionally, if you have a lot of bare floors in your home, you may want to consider a cordless vacuum. With this type of flooring, cordless vacuums with soft rollers are your best bet. Softwoods such as pine can get scratched by heavy vacuum use.

Another scenario where a cordless vacuum cleaner makes sense is if you have limited storage space. Cordless vacuums take up less room than corded vacuums. Higher-end cordless vacuums, like the LG CordZero, feature all-in-one storage for attachments and batteries.

Your flooring type is another factor that could tip the scales to a corded vacuum. Top-of-the-line cordless models can offer plenty of power these days. Even so, the powerful rolling brush head of a good corded upright vacuum tends to do a better job of cleaning carpets.

If you have a larger home, or you need to deep-clean ultra-plush or high-pile carpet, a corded vacuum may serve you better in the long term. You may even consider a cordless model for quick pass-throughs, backed up by a corded model for more series cleanings.

This cordless vacuum is as powerful as the best Dysons, self-empties into a disposable bag, and has an excellent battery life. Even more impressive is that the Bespoke Jet comes with two batteries, so you can double your cleaning time.

The V15 is as powerful as most full-sized vacuums, and it has a laser on the front that illuminates dirt on the floor. For people who want pristine floors, car seats, and window sills, this is the cordless to get.

While the X7 is expensive, it's our favorite upright vacuum. The X7 offers good suction and a filtration system is similar to what you might find at a hospital. If you have the budget, it's worth considering, especially if you have bad allergies or asthma.

If the X7 is quite in your price range, this Shark model is our favorite affordable bagless vacuum cleaner. Because of its swivel joint, this vacuum can easily maneuver around furniture. Also, its Lift-Away feature turns the vacuum into a canister vacuum without wheels.

Pets can present challenges for vacuum cleaners. If you have a dog or cat, you might want to consider the NV752, our favorite vacuum for pet hair. The NV752 scored well on vacuuming tests and it excelled at picking up dog and cat hair. Like the Shark NV352, this vacuum has the Lift-Away feature, turning into a pseudo canister.

Yet another Shark among our recommendations, the Apex excels at cleaning hardwood while still working great as a carpet cleaner. It also does a better job picking up pet hair than vacuums that cost hundreds more.

Some handheld vacuums contain additional tools like brush rolls and extensions to help you get into hard-to-reach places. If you plan to use your handheld vacuum to get between couch cushions and tackle upholstery or carpet, these are must-haves.

Some handheld models include built-in tools that you flip out when needed, keeping everything all in one place. However, these tend to be a little more expensive. Also, if you just need something to rid your floors of small debris, these accessories may go unused. Other features to consider include brush rolls (which are essential for soft surfaces), battery life, charging time, weight, filter washability, compactness (especially for storage purposes) and suction power.

As the name suggests, a handheld vacuum is typically a smaller, portable version of the traditional vacuum cleaner. Because of its compact size, it comes with its own set of pros and cons. The most obvious con being that it is not a good solution for vacuuming large areas of your home.

Most handheld vacuums are less than half the size of their larger counterparts, with some models being so small they could almost fit in your pocket. Their compact size not only makes them easy to carry around, but also easy to store on a shelf or corner of a closet, pantry, laundry room, garage or inside a kitchen cabinet, where I happen to keep mine.

Many handheld vacuum cleaner models weigh less than five pounds. While this will obviously vary from model to model, they will all be reasonably lightweight. This makes it easy to carry the unit around the house for some quick on-the-spot vacuuming, as well as carrying them up the stairs with less risk of a fall than lugging a giant vacuum cleaner.

This is particularly advantageous for elderly users, who may struggle with bulky, heavy equipment. And on the flip side of this same coin, you could even put your toddlers to work with one of these. My daughter loves to use the handheld vacuum to clean up the mess she makes. Just make sure you sift through the debris before blindly tossing it in the garbage.

The perfect segue from one benefit to another, a handheld vacuum is a great way to get your kids to pitch in around the house. Not only are they small and lightweight, but they are incredibly easy to use. Kids and adults alike can use them with little complications. In fact, many kids nowadays know how to work tablets and gaming devices better than most adults, a handheld vacuum cleaner is going to be a cinch for them to operate.

Of course, a cordless handheld vacuum does come with its own set of pros and cons. Yes, they are easy to use and carry around, but if you forgot to charge the battery then you may not get the cleaning job completed without having to recharge it.

When it comes to handheld vacuums, this is the main benefit that I personally get out of it. Sometimes you just need to spot-clean or take care of a single mess in a small area. Instead of lugging out my canister vacuum, I let the little guy do the job for me.

Piggybacking on a previous benefit, handheld vacuums can pretty much go anywhere you need it to and still work as you intend for it to. This goes for both models with and without a cord. Although, it is fair to note that a cordless vacuum does open more opportunities for you, which is why we would recommend you going with that type.

But if you have an old, heavy vacuum cleaner that may scratch or dent your wooden floors, than perhaps a handheld device would be a better tool to use. Also, a handheld vacuum cleaner works better at cleaning around baseboards, corners, underneath furniture and on stairs.

This is where it starts to get fun. Your average handheld vacuum cleaner can get the job done, but there are so many more benefits associated with the units that come with plenty of attachments and accessories.

From treasured earrings or that must-have Lego piece that fell into the abyss of couch cushion crevasses, simply stretch the pantyhose over the nozzle and run it over the area where the object was lost. The vacuum will suck it out of oblivion while the pantyhose prevents it from actually being sucked into the appliance. 041b061a72


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