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Andrew White Coltrane Pdf Download

Andrew White Coltrane PDF Download

If you are a fan of John Coltrane, the legendary jazz saxophonist and composer, you might be interested in downloading some PDF files of his performance transcripts. These transcripts are not official scores, but rather the work of Andrew White, a Washington, D.C. musician who transcribed hundreds of Coltrane's solos by ear.

Download File:

Andrew White (1942-2020) was a multi-instrumentalist, composer, musicologist, and publisher who dedicated his life to the study and preservation of jazz. He was especially fascinated by Coltrane, whom he considered his musical mentor. White began transcribing Coltrane's solos in 1961, when he was a student at Howard University. He continued this project until 1973, producing over 800 transcripts of Coltrane's live and studio recordings.

White published his transcripts under his own label, Andrew's Musical Enterprises, and sold them by mail order. He also wrote a book titled Trane'n Me: (a Semi-Autobiography); a Treatise on the Music of John Coltrane, which chronicles his personal and musical journey with Coltrane. White's transcripts and book are valuable resources for jazz scholars, musicians, and enthusiasts who want to learn more about Coltrane's style, technique, and improvisation.

Unfortunately, White's transcripts and book are not widely available online. However, there are some places where you can find them or request them. Here are some options:

  • The Dartmouth Library Archives & Manuscripts has a collection of sheet music transcriptions of John Coltrane's saxophone solos by Andrew White. You can download the finding aid for this collection and contact the library for more information.

  • The Cambridge University Press has published a review of White's book Trane'n Me in the journal Popular Music. You can access this review online if you have a subscription or a free trial.

  • The Syracuse University Library has five oversize volumes of John Coltrane performance transcripts by Andrew White. You can visit the library or contact them for more details.

We hope this article helps you find some of Andrew White's Coltrane PDF files. If you do, please enjoy them and appreciate the amazing work that White did to honor Coltrane's legacy.


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